99 Studio Design Process

For over 15 years 99 Studio has challenged current theory and practice in the design of housing and communities in pursuit of excellence.

Central to our approach is a deep understanding of ‘home and place’: how people live individually, in groups and in communities. We combine this with a rigour that reflects our knowledge of how buildings are crafted to create a built environment that is both attractive and convivial whilst economical and efficient.

Our aim with each new project is to bring together our collective depth of experience and knowledge of building typologies with a fresh and innovative response to specific site and environment.
We work in groups which focus on specific sectors. This structure is based on the concept Centers of Excellence each with a small team of designers who have the freedom to innovate, rather than reinvent, from a platform of knowledge and experience.

99 Studio Design Proprietor, Jinesh Dhruv, provides design leadership across the practice, and engages with the groups through interactive design workshops and reviews to ensure the highest quality and creativity at all stages in the process.

99 Studio Design Principles

Every project is unique.
However, a clear design philosophy underpins all of aspects of 99 Studio design:

bullet   A commitment to enduring sustainable buildings and places
bullet   High design aspirations balanced with the need to meet client budgets and ensure best value placing people at the heart of its design
bullet   A contextual response that creates a strong sense of ‘place’ Efficient and elegant space planning, good daylighting and simple and robust detailing

create and innovate through the design process.